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If you’re looking for a rehab program to get the results you need to build a better life, you’ve come to the right place.

person smiling in therapy at sanative recovery and wellness georgiaIf you’re in need of an Atlanta addiction treatment center that offers supportive, compassionate care, a warm and welcoming environment, and an unmatched team of addiction treatment specialists, you’ve come to the right place. At Sanative Recovery and Wellness Georgia, we take a holistic and integrated approach to treating addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns. Our convenient location in Atlanta makes effective treatment more accessible than ever. Each patient in our care receives individualized treatment that meets them where they are and helps them get to where they want to be.

Reach out to our team at 855.640.6344 or contact us online today to get started on the journey to recovery. Whether you’re connecting with us for yourself or a loved one, our Georgia rehab center is here to answer your questions and provide evidence-based treatment services that can lead to a brighter, healthier future. 

What Sets Sanative Recovery and Wellness Georgia Apart

At Sanative Recovery and Wellness Georgia, we know how complex addiction and mental health challenges can be. Maybe you’ve experienced a relapse in the past, have tried different treatments without success, or have been feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and stuck. That’s why we take the time to get to know each individual patient, their needs, and how best to address them. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment takes into account all aspects of a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

Our team is made up of addiction treatment specialists who understand the unique needs of each patient and will be there for them every step of the way. The supportive environment of our Georgia rehab center helps patients feel safe and secure while they focus on their recovery journey. With a range of specialized programs, including treatment tailored to the needs of veterans and programs that are not just LGBTQ+-friendly but inclusive, Sanative Recovery and Wellness Georgia is the clear choice for addiction treatment in Atlanta. 

Treatment Programs Offered in Our Georgia Rehab Center

We offer several levels of care in order to meet patients where they are and help them progress along their journey of healing. Our Atlanta addiction treatment center offers: 

Partial Hospitalization Program

This level of care is for individuals who need support managing addiction but do not require 24/7 supervised care. Patients engage in treatment during the day and return home in the evening. 

Intensive Outpatient Program

This step-down program offers the flexibility of outpatient care with daytime programming to help patients cement their new healthy coping skills and lifestyle changes. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you’re dealing with mental health challenges in addition to your addiction, our dual diagnosis program provides specialized treatment for co-occurring disorders. 

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Atlanta, Georgia

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Therapies and Services in Our Atlanta Addiction Treatment Center

Every patient in our care receives an individualized treatment plan to address their unique needs. Some of the therapies and services offered at Sanative Recovery and Wellness Georgia include: 

The therapies you participate in will depend on your individual needs and progress in treatment. Patient-centered care is at the heart of all our programs, so you’ll receive the personalized treatment you need to find lasting recovery.

Take the First Step on Your Recovery Journey with Sanative Recovery and Wellness Georgia

If you’re in need of effective, evidence-based addiction treatment, reach out to our team today. Our substance abuse treatment center in Georgia can help you or a loved one start on the path to lasting recovery. To get started, call 855.640.6344 or reach out online today.